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“Fake news, misinformation/disinformation, post‐truth”. 
Versus, journal of Semiotics and Philosophy of Language 
The international journal Versus (or VS, as is often known) is preparing a thematic issue about fake‐news,  misinformation/disinformation and  post‐truth. 
Since 2016 fake news have emerged as one of the main concerns of public debate in Western democracies.  According to many political and philosophical theories, free and fair discussion is at the very heart of modern  liberal societies; this necessary condition can be undermined by two different (but often connected) factors:  bad (i.e. irrational or unreasonable) argumentations and false information used as premises.  According to  many media and experts we have now reached a warning level and fake news have suddenly become a public  enemy:  foreign  countries  have  been  suspected  of  organized  disinformation  actions  during  electoral  campaigns  and  influential  newspapers  have  begun,  as  never  before,  to  list  the  alleged  lies  of  important  politicians (as The New York Times has done with Donald Trump and Le Monde with Marine Le Pen).

Call for Papers