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Tartu Summer School of Semiotics – English Master Programme in Semiotics

Dear colleague,

Hereby I would like to share the CFP for a new Tartu Summer School of Semiotics, the topic of the year 2011 is "Semiotic modeling".
All the information about the conference can be found at : Contact information about the conference:

Also I would like to share the new information sheet about the English Master Programme in Semiotics in the University of Tartu, which has been running successfully for two years already and waiting for new applicants for the study year 2011/2012. All the information can be found at and

Contact information for the MA programme:

Please also see the CFP for the conference, and the information
sheet on the MA Programme in the Department of Semiotics, University
of Tartu in the atttachment.

Best wishes,
Katre Väli

International Projects Coordinator
Department of Semiotics
University of Tartu
phone: +372 737 6155
mobile: +372 52 63 275
fax: +372 737 5933
skype: katrevalisem

Tartu Summer School Cal for paper

Master Programme