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Call for papers – Cinéma & Cie

Special issue:

“Nothing is more practical than a good theory”. Gérard Genette and film theories
« Il n’y a rien de plus pratique qu’une bonne théorie ». Gérard Genette et les théories du cinéma
(vol. XII, no. 18, Spring 2012)
Deadline for Abstracts : October 15, 2011

This special issue of Cinéma & Cie seeks to revisit from the perspective of film and media studies the less known works of Gérard Genette.
At first glance, the attention that film studies has dedicated to the work of Genette seems to be profound yet fragmentary in nature. Focusing on the relationships between Genette’s research and film studies, what immediately comes to mind is Figures III (1972), mainly because of its key role in defining a method of film analysis based on Structuralism. Nowadays, almost every book on film analysis uses some of the categories proposed by Genette, and seeks to discuss them in light of some particular features of film narrative dynamics (which however have never ceased to be questioned).

Call for papers