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11th World Congress of Semiotics

Dear colleagues,

The 11th World Congress of Semiotics (the official Congress website: to be held in Nanjing in 2012 is around the corner. The preparation for the Congress is in progress. We are sending you the detailed rules for registration as a participant of the Congress.

It is a large-scale gathering. We wish that you could get registered for the Congress before the deadline. We have different registration rates. Please refer to the first attachment. If you have any problem concerning registration, if you need an invitation letter, or if you wish to submit the abstracts of your papers, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Haihong Ji at

And we are also sending you the second announcement of the Congress (please refer to the second attachment, in which you may find three lists:

1.       The List and the Sequence of Plenary Speakers in “The 11th World Congress of Semiotics” in 2012

2.       Round Tables and Sessions in “The 11th World Congress of Semiotics”

3.       Round Tables and Sessions in “The 1st Chinese Symposium on Semiotics”

If you have more proposals concerning round tables and Sessions, don’t hesitate to contact me at or

Dear friends, we are looking forward to your presence at the great gathering to be held in Nanjing Normal University, the most beautiful campus in the east!

Best wishes,



Second announcement