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"Traces of Terror, Signs of Trauma"
Practices of (re)presentation of collective memories in space in contemporary Europe

Edited by Rob van der Laarse, Francesco Mazzucchelli, Carlos Reijnen

In the last decades, the field of memory studies has been experiencing a sort of "spatial turn": from Pierre Nora's lieux de memoire, the practices of mise en scene of collective memory in public spaces of commemoration (such as museums, memorials, monuments, etc.) have been object of study from different (and sometime distant) theoretical perspectives. Moreover, places of memory, museums, memorials and monuments are also becoming more and more a domain of struggle among competing political and ideological interests, in which politics of memory is expressed and applied and where the "official version" of the representation of past and identity is at stake. Additionally, places of memory are also a collective and cultural "trend", as testified by the increasing practices of heritage tourism and mediatisation of memories in the age of visualization and digitalization.