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Call for paper - Epistemologies of Memory

Conference: Epistemologies of Memory

September 12-13 2019
King’s College London
Exact location to be confirmed
Confirmed Speakers: Silke Arnold-de Simine, Red Chidgey, Astrid Erll, Sarah Gensburger, Alma Jeftic, Wulf Kansteiner, Jessica Rapson, Anna Reading, Brian Schiff
Memory studies has in the last three decades quickly grown from a ‘nascent’ to an established field of study with its own association, networks and journals to which multiple disciplines in the humanities and social sciences contribute. However, at the same time, broader debates on methodology are only starting to emerge. The same is true for the reading of key authors for memory studies by multiple disciplines. Rarely addressed epistemological concerns are very often the grounds for those debates and struggles in this fast extending multidisciplinary field.
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